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Okay, not everyone in the group has written something. But many have. You have heard from the leaders how we felt about the trip…now hear from the travelers!

Michael Streger

How could a place to which I have never been feel so familiar? Entering this trip I promised myself I would not have any preconceived ideas of what Israel would be, and I have discovered that Israel has been so much more than I could ever have imagined. I discovered an Israel that is filled with proud people, that possesses landscapes that enfold and embrace us, and a rich history that tells OUR story. As if that was not good enough, standing next to LaWana as she beautifully read Torah, and knowing Abigail and Edyn will one day do the same, was a high of a lifetime. It has been so great to share all these special moments with all our newfound friends.

Cathy and Alan Gottlieb

Thank you to Rabbis Levenberg and Perry and 28 of our fellow congregants for helping us realize our dream of traveling to Israel. The experiences we shared, the knowledge we gained and the friendships we formed are memories we will always hold close to our hearts. We feel truly blessed to have taken this journey with you.

Akbar Kassam

As a Muslim, my eyes and mind opened on this lifetime experience. It will be my honor to show my friends and family back home that Israel is truly a land of peace, acceptance, and open arms to all. I am humbled by Temple Sinai for the love it showed to my family, and we will keep these memories forever.

Philip Karlick

As a first timer to Israel, having grown up with Zionist grandparents and family, having friends that come to Israel for years…nothing did prepare me for the wonders of Israel we felt and saw together. I loved being with Susanne for my first trip and made many strong friendships.

LaWana Streger

While on the Family Track in Israel, we met a lovely family. Ayva and Abi hit it off right away! While in Jerusalem I took a picture of the two of them sitting next to each other in front of a beautiful pink flower garden. This picture – two little girls, one Muslim and one Jewish. This, to me, is what childhood innocence looks like!

Marc Cohen

I am sad because it is the last day of the trip. One of the highlights for me was watching my son floating in the Dead Sea and seeing the grin on his face from ear to ear.

Susan Barry

After a day of climbing Masada and lathering up with mud at the Dead Sea, I am so RELAXED! Shared experiences in this incredible country with our Temple Sinai community and new friends as well has made this trip so great! What a life trip! Aha! As we kept saying to one another: “now we are family.” I return more informed, more recharged than ever to embrace Judaism and to be a supporter of Israel. Thank you (todah) to our dear rabbis Brad and Elana! And thank you to our incredible guide Ronnie; you taught us so much!

Simie Faskowitz

I was awestruck by the contrast of the beautiful old ancient and biblical sites along with the amazing modern infrastructure all around the country. I loved interacting with the Israeli people and was so happy to see Arabs and Israelis getting along and living normal lives. It felt extra special getting to spend this special time with my husband Larry for our 30th Anniversary along with our Temple Sinai family. I certainly won’t wait another 15 yrs to return to Israel.

Ron and Maxine Rosen

This was my 7th and Maxine’s 5th trip to Israel. We had many experiences, which were outstanding. The Shabbos service and the dinner were very special. The B’nai Mitzvah ceremony was a very emotional experience. The love in that room was palpable. Ronny and Asher did an outstanding job. Many thanks to Rabbis Brad and Elana for leading a wonderful trip.

Larry Faskowitz

It has been 15 yrs since my last visit to Israel. I can’t believe how much growth and western comforts and modernization has taken place since my last visit. Also I felt SO SAFE everywhere i went. Being able to walk alone thru the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem late at night is not something I would feel safe doing in Atlanta. Seeing first hand what Israelis have accomplished technologically, socially, and culturally was inspiring and makes me feel so proud to be Jewish. Being able to share this experience with my wife Simie and Our fellow Temple Sinai members on the special occasion of our 30th Wedding Anniversary made this trip even more special. Can’t wait to return ( less than 15 yrs next time)!

Terri Heyman

This was my 5th trip to Israel. I was so excited to see and do so many new things, especially with my boyfriend, Marc and his son Alex. The most meaningful part of the trip to me is the friendships and memories I have made. Some of the memories include dining and watching the sunset on Tel Aviv beach and over Jerusalem, watching all the men and woman turn into children climbing on a tank at the an IDF base, floating in the Dead Sea and covering ourselves in mud like little children. The friendships will last a lifetime.

Phil Klein

Our trip to Israel has been the most moving experience I can remember. So many wonderful places that we as a family that were both beautiful and emotional. Being able to have our son Ty’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel was probably the highlight of our trip. Yad Vashem was an incredibly moving experience as well as a powerful reminder how easily history can repeat itself.

Betty Klein

Sharing our son’s Bar Mitzvah overlooking old Jerusalem with our Temple Sinai family will always be one of the most memorable nights for our family. The entire ten days were filled with one after another sacred and amazing site visits, bringing us closer to our Jewish identity. We’re so glad that we had this time to spend together as a family and with our rabbis guiding and teaching us.

Ty Klein

The trip to Israel we took with our parents was exciting and fun. For us it was my Mom’s and my first time, and for my Dad and sister it was the second. My sister went in 8th grade and my dad over 40 years ago. I heard from my sister about her trip and I was really excited to go. However, I was excited because it was for my Bar Mitzvah overlooking the old city atop of the Hebrew Union College; it was amazing and breathtaking. I told my mom I want to live in Israel. I had a great time and wish to go back some day.

Susanne Katz-Karlick

It’s so complicated.  This idea and this belief.  Being, practicing, believing as a Jew.  What is easy is traveling through this maze with friends I love to be with, learning and bewildering together.

Cindy Derso

I heard said before I went that,”Israel will change you.”  I’ve traveled pretty extensively in my life & each experience out of my environment has somewhat “changed me”.

However, as a Christian, going to where Jesus walked, taught, lived, & died, enabled me to receive Israel with all its sights sounds, smells, & tastes with a heightened sensitivity. Kneeling & touching the stone slab over where Jesus was buried, powerfully connected me & my humanness to my spiritual Father & Lord.

That’s an experience only Israel can offer & I am very grateful.

Marcie Reale

I can not put into words my impressions of Israel because the biggest impression I have is a feeling. I was not expecting nor was I prepared for the incredibly deep emotions I experienced on my first visit to Israel. I have traveled enough of the world to many various places spanning several continents, but never have I felt the way I did in Israel. It was a bond and a sense of belonging that I can’t explain. It was like coming home even though I was far far away from home. I don’t know if I would have felt this as strongly had I not been with the group I was with or the particular trip/itinerary I was on. I was able to connect by experiencing Israel through the young at Yemin Orde, the old at Yad LaKashish, and all my ancestors who came before me at every historical sight we visited. To walk the paths of Abraham and Isaac, Sarah and Rebecca was an experience that cannot be put into words because there are no words that are enough for the feeling I had.

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  1. Beautifully said, Marcie. It was a reallllly wonderful trip! Thanks so much to Rabbis Brad and Elana and to Ronnie and Asher too! Loved meeting you, your sister and your mom. Definitely hope to stay in touch. 🙂

  2. Love this and totally relate!

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